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Barbie Bra-Panty Set

Barbie bra-panty set is now available only in black while supplies last

Barbie Bra-Panty Set in black

I got so many requests for Barbie bras or Barbie panties that I started looking for someone who offered them for sale. I am very sorry that the only color left now is black. See the next paragraph for the link to a nice handmade set that I have been able to purchase from a US seamstress.

Anyway, while making Barbie panties and bras was a good idea, I simply did not have time to make smaller items like Barbie underwear. As the supply gradually sold and got smaller I was wondering where I would get more Barbie lingerie--until Beatrice called me. Now I can also offer you some handmade Barbie lingerie, made by a talented seamstress in California!

Keep in mind, the set I'm selling on this page is not my creation and it is not made by my mother but a whole third party. I have not tried this Barbie undie set on under any of my Barbie doll clothes except for the Barbie Dress & Hat set so I am not sure what else they'll fit under. I know they'd be nice under some of my Barbie dresses but possibly not the more fitted strapless gowns or some that have necks that would allow the bra straps to show.

As you can see, the Barbie undie set is made of tricot and lace--remember, the set you will get is black because that is all that is left. Bra straps vary from being made of tricot, satin ribbon or elastic.

To put the bra on your Barbie doll, you will need to have her step into it and work it up over her legs and hips. As you can see, it does fit nicely. For a newer bodied Barbie you may have to pull on the bra since her shoulders are not as large as the classic body Barbie.

If you would find that your doll's top or dress wouldn't close when the bra is worn, you could use only the panties for that particular outfit. Or some of the smaller-built Barbies may be able to wear both layers with no problems. These Barbie undie sets are just something I found for the convenience of my customers who had requested that I carry bras or panties for Barbie.


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