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Handmade Barbie clothes consist of fancy ball gowns, a traditional wedding gown, casual and sleepwear

Barbie Easter Dress-Pink

Barbie clothes, especially handmade Barbie doll clothes, are always a hit with all collectors. Who wouldn't love to open a package containing Barbie doll clothes that have been handmade with quality and durability? It means you care enough to give something that will last. And it makes people reminisce about the "clothes my mom used to make me" or "Barbie clothes that Grandma used to make for me." These types of clothes are the stuff that makes future heirlooms or leads to favorite family stories or time spent with Mom or Grandma.

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From Barbie cheering her favorite team in her cheerleading outfit on to victory to going to sleep in her dream house every night wearing her pajamas or flannel nightgown after changing out of her evening or ball gown there is something here for just about any occasion or special occasion that your Barbie doll will need clothes.

Barbie doesn't always need to have a special party to go to. There are lots of other casual clothes for Barbie to wear for everyday and work.

I cater to doll enthusiasts of any age or gender. My handmade Barbie clothing is constructed from new materials and trim. I have been told that my doll clothes withstand a lot of play and even hold together better than commercially made Barbie doll clothes. My daughter and her friends who are now college graduates are living proof of that.

Barbee and Friends may not have the most gigantic selection of handmade Barbie doll clothing, but if you think about it, wouldn't you rather shop in a friendly, mom and pop store than a huge conglomerate where you're just another number? By shopping with me, you are supporting a small business which is also a United States small business that does not outsource.

Below you'll see the sub-category pages for different varieties and types of Barbie doll clothes which are handmade for all occasions and seasons.

Barbie Evening-Formal Gowns

Barbie Sleepwear

Barbie Holiday-Special Occasion

Barbie Doll Clothes-Casual

Barbie Doll Dress-Skirt Outfits

Barbie Wedding Dresses-Gowns

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