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Barbie Doll Jeans

Barbie Doll jeans are denim flare with a cotton knit top


Barbie JeansThese Barbie doll jeans in a denim flare are just like what real girls wear.Topped off with a soft cotton knit shirt, Barbie is ready for that movie date with Ken. Barbie's shirt is shown in pink.

The Barbie doll jeans have gold color top-stitching on them just like real ones and close in back for a smooth fit. The top has a back Velcro closure as well. Denim color may vary due to availability but I always try to find a darker color denim when shopping for fabric for Barbie doll or Ken jeans.

Speaking of Ken jeans, why not surprise your Ken doll with my Ken Doll Jeans and T-Shirt so both your dolls will have Barbie or Ken jeans and tops.

Your Barbie doll jeans set, as with all my Barbie clothes, will be pressed neatly and packaged in a plastic bag in the box to protect it from the weather during shipment. Please allow 1-3 weeks from the time you order depending on seasonal rushes, etc. It won't always take that long to get your order, but just in case I have a line of people in front of you, you'll have an idea of when to expect it.

If you like the casual look of denim but not the idea of a Barbie doll wearing jeans, you can check out my Barbie Denim Skirt and Blouse for a little bit dressier look that is still as comfortable as Barbie jeans.


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