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Barbie Evening Gowns

This category features evening gowns and formal dresses for Barbie

Barbie Belle Gown

Barbie gowns for evening dress and formal wear can be found here. From ball gowns with ruffle necks to a Princess Belle gown, your Barbie will be the hit of the dance or prom.

My Barbie evening gowns and formals are purchased by all kinds of collectors and yes, they do hold up under serious play. Some of these Barbie evening gowns may look delicate on the outside but I can assure you, that on the inside, all seams are professionally finished by me. I take care to use seam sealant so the threads won't fray. I like to make Barbie's evening gowns and formal dresses with durability, as if a real person was going to wear them. All of my Barbie clothes are made with the same care.

I try to offer a unique selection of Barbie evening gowns and formals. Some are available in other colors such as the puff sleeve satin gown, the satin ball gown or the ruffle neck Barbie ball gown.

You will find some of the Barbie evening gowns can be made as a wedding gown for Barbie. These would include the ball gown with ruffle neck, the satin gown with puff sleeves, and the Barbie elegant strapless gown. Even if a color or wedding choice is not shown, chances are I can find that color in regular or casa satin or I can make that Barbie evening gown or formal into a Barbie wedding dress just for you.

I am constantly searching for beautiful new fabric for Barbie evening and formal gowns. It's so much fun to find a sparkly, new overskirt fabric or a new shade of satin that I feel will really please my customers. All my materials are crisp and new.

Your Barbie evening gown or formal dress will arrive carefully packed with crumpled tissue paper under the skirt to minimize wrinkling. I make sure that I pack all of Barbie's evening dresses and formal gowns inside a clean plastic bag to protect them from the elements as well. Your package will look like it's coming from a doll sized boutique!

I look forward to making your Barbie an evening gown or formal! Please remember to order by November 15 for Christmas gift-giving.

Here are all the products in this category. To see the price for each gown, click the product title link from the list below. This will take you to the product page which has a picture, price, more descriptions and an order button:

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Barbie Strapless Gown

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