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Clothes for Barbie's family includes Kelly, Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea

Skipper Play Dress

Barbie has a lot of sisters in her family and the interest is coming back to include Skipper in the mix. Skipper isn't always available in the store for sale, plus I have found another Barbie sister recently. First a little history.

Skipper has been around since the 60s but her body has done a lot of changing. From 9 inches and flat-chested when she was originally introduced, she is now the same height as Barbie and from what I can tell, she is an older teen, possibly representing high school age with a trendy pink stripe down her hair. Of course I had to purchase one to be my model! If I see a need for it, new Skipper will get her own category but if she can wear Barbie doll clothes, I will just take some pictures of her in outfits that are getting ready to be mailed out.

I will offer clothing for the 60s body Skipper and the 80s body Skipper separately since they are most different from Barbie. When you click the link below, that will be the type of clothing shown. If you need something for 11 inch tall Skipper, please measure her bustline and if it's 4 1/2 inches, then simply order something in the Barbie clothes categories and indicate in the shopping cart that her bustline measures 4.5--you'll find it when you check out.

Shop for Skipper clothes Skipper clothes in this category will be for the 60s Skipper. I also have a pattern for the 80s Skipper clothes.

Stacie was Barbie's much younger sister in the 90s but I have noticed she's back in stores as a sort of 'tween age girl of maybe 10-11 years old.

Shop for Stacie clothes (If you don't see anything, it's because I haven't had time to add to the line yet)

Kelly is the youngest Barbie sister that has consistently been on the scene. She is 3 inches tall and started out as about a 1-2 year old baby wearing diapers. She sort of morphed into a taller doll which I personally didn't like because my clothes wouldn't have fit that doll. I will continue to sew 3 inch Kelly doll clothes and also test the patterns on her sister Chelsea.

Shop for Kelly doll clothes

I recently came across either Kelly's replacement or an additional sister named Chelsea when I was at the store. She is taller than Kelly and I would say she is meant to be maybe 5-6 years old.

Shop for Chelsea clothes (If you don't see anything, it's because I haven't added anything yet, please check  back again.)