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Barbie Karate Gi Uniform

Barbie doll karate gi uniform is white with a black belt-other color belts available too


Barbie Karate Gi UniformThis Barbie doll karate gi or uniform is made in white and since we all know Barbie strives for the best, she has her black belt and is all ready for teaching a karate class at her local dojo.

Barbie's karate gi is made from white broadcloth and is pictured here with a black belt. The outfit will come with your choice of belt color at no extra charge. You may also choose to have me make you a black gi. The cost for either is the same and as with the white gi, you also get one belt of your color choice. Please type in the color belt you want in the form below after you order your gi and belts.

Since everyone starts out with a white belt and there are five other colors besides black and white, you can choose all the rest of the colors or any extras you want. Then you would be able to change the belt as you or your gift recipient's karate skills increase. A very customized Barbie karate gi would be the result. I have also added red and purple belts for other branches of the martial arts. There is even a pink belt you can select if your little girl isn't taking karate but she'd like a girly look for her Barbie's karate uniform.

Your Barbie doll karate uniform and belt(s) will be made especially for you so please allow at least 1-3 weeks for completion. It may not always take this long as it depends on my workload at the time and whether I'm in the busiest season of the year (yes Santa and I have a lot in common! In fact he calls on me quite often to get orders to him for good little girls at Christmas.)

A Barbie doll karate uniform would be a great gift idea if you happen to teach a kids' karate class or have a child enrolled who needs a gift for a classmate or herself. Any age karate fan who is also a Barbie or Ken fan would enjoy having a gi for their favorite doll made in their very own belt color. Purchasing all the belt colors would ensure that and would be a lifelong remembrance of karate class. Your Barbie karate gi can also be made in black or other colors instead of the traditional white for no extra charge. I am trying to locate a small enough camo print to be able to include that too but have not had any luck. It's usually fairly difficult to find just the perfect scale size of fabric when making Barbie doll clothes and Ken clothes.

Why not add a Ken karate outfit to your shopping list as well? Visit Ken Doll Karate Gi Uniform . He and Barbie would then be all ready to go teach their karate class.


Select Gi Color:

Select Included Belt Color:

Type in number of belts you want to purchase:
Black belt 50 cents
Brown belt 50 cents
Blue belt 50 cents
Green belt 50 cents
Orange belt 50 cents
Yellow belt 50 cents
White belt 50 cents
Red belt 50 cents
Purple belt 50 cents
Pink belt 50 cents

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