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Barbie Lab Coat

This Barbie lab coat pairs up perfectly with a set of scrubs


Barbie Lab Coat

This Barbie doll lab coat has a pocket on either side and would look great with a set of Barbie Medical Scrubs. Now you can have your lab coat personalized, see details below.

I have remodeled the lab coat from its former shorter length. I was informed by a very nice customer that the length I had before was fine for med students but most doctors and other lab type workers wear lab coats that are longer. And so was born this new version of the Barbie doll lab coat, a perfect addition to your Barbie doll clothes wardrobe. If you would prefer the former shorter length if you're buying a doll to give to a current med student, please just message me in the shopping cart and I'll be happy to make your Barbie lab coat the old shorter length.

NOTE: The Barbie clothes shown on the doll under her lab coat is the outfit that my model came in, was not made by me and is not included. Shoes are not included either. You can always check out my many casual outfits for Barbie if your doll would prefer not to wear scrubs with her lab coat.

Scrubs are sold separately also. Barbie will need something to wear underneath her lab coat--again keep in mind what she has on in the picture is just the outfit my doll came in. Whether she's a pharmacist, doctor, nurse, lab technician, dentist, manicurist, hygienist or veterinarian, Barbie will want a nice lab coat to wear over her scrubs or her regular outfit. After all, some professions don't require scrubs AND a lab coat, just a lab coat. I also have dresses or skirt sets, or even a Barbie jeans set that would work for wearing under Barbie's lab coat.

Of course Barbie doesn't recommend wearing pink platforms with her medical outfit. Anyone who is on their feet all day will need a nice comfortable pair of shoes. And I'm sure you have something just perfect in your Barbie shoes stash.

The newest exciting use for this Barbie doll lab coat is this: if you are a fan of the TV show NCIS, you no doubt know who Abby Sciuto is. One of my recent customers is repainting and dressing a doll to look just like Abby! I have seen pictures and they are awesome. It was fun making these lab coats for her because her plan is to make a doll for the actress who plays Abby. With my customer's permission and once her doll is finished, maybe she'll send me some pictures to post on the site. You could make your very own version of Abby as well just by finding a dark haired doll and redoing her makeup a little. If you want to turn a Ken doll into Ducky or Palmer, you can always check out my Ken Lab Coat as well.

I have been asked at times to personalize a lab coat for Barbie. This is not a problem at all. Just select from the pull-down which is defaulted to "no personalizing". The personalizing is done with a computer transfer and can be your company's logo (as long as you have permission to use it), a person's name or just a company name. I have done a little of all of those.

A gift idea for the Barbie doll lab coat would be for that graduate in any medical profession. I have had many, many customers purchase either this lab coat or the lab coat along with a set of scrubs to honor a daughter or other friend/relative for some sort of medical graduation. I have also had people use them as going-away gifts for their favorite nurse or doctor in a medical office they work in. The ideas are endless.

Some of my lab coats have starred in college film studies, stop action pictures and other cool things requiring multiples of them. I only ask that if you require more than 5 of these, to please allow me enough time to get them made for your deadline. There is only one of me sewing most of the items on the site so I do need some lead time, most especially during the fall prior to Christmas.

At this time, I do not have any small accessories such as a stethoscope to go with this Barbie Lab Coat but I'm sure if you did a search on eBay, you may find what you're looking for. eBay has a "Want It Now" section where you can post whatever it is that you're looking for. If someone has it, they will post an auction just for you and you can buy it now!


Personalization Notes: On the first page of the shopping cart, you can tell me the name you want on your Barbie lab coat. If it's a logo, please send me a .jpg

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