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Ken doll clothes include casual clothes, medical scrubs, sleepwear and a karate uniform

Ken Lab CoatThese Ken doll clothes are for casual times, work in the medical field, sleepwear time and for Ken's karate competition. I try to think of jobs or activities that real guys like to do when I decide what doll clothes to make for Ken. I have a lot of ideas but it takes a long time to put them into web products.

I get ideas from kids and from stores and wonder "how would that look as Ken doll clothes?" Ken desperately needs clothes!

In my little world, Ken and Barbie never split up, so he's still the ever-patient boyfriend who has a clothes-horse for a girlfriend but not much for himself. He finishes the work-out, changes into his jeans and t-shirt then it's off to pick up Barbie for a quick bite to eat and then the movies.

Maybe Barbie should talk to my Mom about some Ken doll clothes (the ones I haven't had a chance to make into products yet!) and surprise him! Barbie is usually too busy buying handmade Barbie doll clothes for herself! I noticed she hasn't bought any of them from me in a long time, so I will have to have a talk with that girl! She can be such a label freak! She ought to know that other stuff doesn't last.

For some quality Ken doll clothes that do last, as well as Barbie and Bratz clothes, you have come to the right site! All doll clothes for Ken and Barbie have at one time or another been tested by my daughter while she was growing up. Not these exact same doll clothes, but you knew that! She had all sorts of doll clothes for her Ken and Barbies, handmade by me, and something of everything I made.

My daughter is a living testimonial that real kids can play with these doll clothes and they will last, unlike manufactured doll clothes or other handmade clothes that appear to have a good price at first but do not last. How cost effective is that? Now how about treating Ken to some new Ken doll clothes? You know you want to!

If you haven't been to my site in awhile, I now have Ken's tuxedo, thanks to my wonderful mother who has the patience of a saint to make these!  It takes me forever to get items up as products since it's just me and Mom doing the sewing and I am the only one doing the website work. If Mom lived closer, it would be great! Have fun shopping for Ken clothes!

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